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Kye Allen

University of Oxford

Kye Allen is a doctoral researcher in International Relations at St Antony's College, University of Oxford. His research examines the history of fascist and far-right international thought; contemporary forms of far-right extremism in Europe, North America, and Australia; and safeguarding practices in the study of political extremism.

Kye has taught subjects in International Relations and peace and conflict studies at the University of Oxford and the University Queensland, and he was previously involved in delivering the Massive Open Online Course, ‘Global Media, War, and Technology’. Outside of this, Kye has published on the history of fascism, mis/disinformation, and far-right extremism. He is a member of the Extremism and Gaming Research Network (EGRN) and a senior commissioning editor with the E-International Relations.

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Research Interests

  • Far-Right Extremism

  • Conspiracy Theories

  • Disinformation

  • Researcher Safety

Recent Publications

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Kye welcomes inquiries from other researchers and organisations working on similar issues.

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