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Leon Klingborg

University of Oxford

Previously at the Oxford Internet Institute, Leon Klingborg is a PhD researcher in Mathematics and Psychology at the University of St Andrews. Embedded in the Centre for Modelling Social Complexity in St Andrews, his research combines insights about the nature of human behaviour from the field of social psychology with mathematical and statistical modelling tools to understand propagation of ideologies and political opinions online. 

Leon has experience working professionally with prevention of disinformation and extremism from both the private and public sectors, having among other things contributed to efforts at protecting Swedish elections against foreign influence operations while working for the Swedish civil service. He has also worked with researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm on research into the spread of vaccine hesitancy and conspiracy theories in social media, as well as, with the Lund University department for Strategic Communication on developing strategies for countering influence operations. 

In 2021, Leon earned his masters degree in Social Data Science from the Oxford Internet Institute with a thesis investigating signs of radicalisation on alternative social media platforms by analysing millions of posts made to the social media platform Gab.

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Leon welcomes inquiries from other researchers and organisations working on similar issues.

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