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OxGenAI Summit | Extremism and Disinformation Panel

Broderick McDonald, Oxford GenAI Summit

Oxford Generative Artificial Intelligence Summit

University of Oxford

Our Co-Founder Broderick McDonald spoke about AI, Disinformation, and Extremism at the Oxford GenAI Summit in October. Watch the full panel below:

The OxGenAI Summit is a multi-stakeholder expert convening hosted at Jesus College, University of Oxford to dive deep into the use cases, implications, and future of generative AI & society. Insights from business and AI leaders, technical experts, & policy experts from the UK and beyond

Broderick McDonald (Kings College London, Associate Fellow)

Dina Hussein (Meta, Head of Counter Terrorism)

Adam Hadley (Tech Against Terrorism, Director)

Rayhan Asat (Atlantic Council, Senior Fellow)

21-22 October 2023

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